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My favourite sport
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My favourite sport

When I was a little boy I didn’t like doing any sports. I hated P.E and I used to be fat but fortunately my friends made me to train volleyball in 6th class and I started running healthier life.

Volleyball became my favorite sport and I love it till today. I play the third league for Senec’s men. Nowadays, we have trainings and matches once a week and every Sunday afternoon I go to play it with my friends. In summer, when the tournament ends, I play beach volleyball at Sunny Lakes as often as I can, nearly every day.

Why is volleyball my favourite sport? I don’t know if I like hall volleyball more then beach volley but anyway the thing that I love the most is hitting the ball with the highest power over the net and blocks on the opposite side, it’s my main task because I’m a spiker, the other ones are blocking spikes and serving. The next reason why I love volleyball is because it’s a team game and I play it with my good friends. In summer every time after the game we go to buffet next to the beach court to have a kofola and we talk about the nicest actions and moments of the game or watch to other players. Then we go to a lake to swim to get rid of sand.

It’s very important to wear high quality gym shoes, if you play hall volleyball. Also you may need a knee pads.

I love volleyball and it makes me very happy. I would like to play the second or the first league but it wouldn’t be compatible with my school. School is more important for my future so I have to give up this dream but there is one thing I surely know I’ll never stop playing volleyball.

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