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25. june 2007
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25 June, 2007

The Unidentified Flying Objects (UFO) - I
Here is another interesting topic that people would love to discuss about – The UFO. UFO is an abbreviation of Unidentified Flying Objects. There is a misconception that UFOs are Alien Space Ships (space ships coming from other planets) but UFOs are simply objects found in the sky which could not be identified. For the past 75 yrs millions of evidences of UFO have been recorded but most of them had no proper explanation of the flying object. Some of the UFOs were later identified as weather balloons or private aircrates. But the most of them could not be explained what so ever and hence the only possibility that people could think of is the alien space ships.

Thousands of UFO evidences comes up every year, from every other country. Some of them with proofs like photographs and videos. Some of the UFO viewers say that they have seen aliens inside the space ship. But the interesting fact I found quite recently was that there was tales of alien abduction??? Tales such as Aliens abducting people and carring out tests. I don't know how much this can be true. But so far there has been no proof of the aliens on Earth. A leading Dutch hypnotherapist, Hilda Musch, had hypnotized various victims who have been abducted (or they say so) and later found that the stories of most of them were alike. The reports of the Dutch victims also seemed to be identical in every respect to such reports taken in the United States. These people could not have possibly met or shared the story of the Alien Abduction as this report was carried out secretly.

In this computer era you cannot expect anyone to believe a photograph or a video proof. A photoshop is all you need to create a photo proof of a UFO. But there is a possibility that some of them can be true. Some of the photos were taken in 1950s when there was no photoshop to create the fakes.

Well, there is nothing more to say about the UFOs other than the debate whether they really exists or not. On my opinion, I personnaly think that Earth cannot be so special that it is the only planet which contains life. There must be living souls in other planets as well (though not all). I also believe that there is a possibility that such living creatures can visit Earth. But I feel that most of the UFO pictures I found were fakes. Very few I have seen that makes me beleive it could be true.

There is a UFO sighting in INDIA recently. On March this year two UFOs were sighted flying over Delhi Airport. This report was telecasted on CNN-IBN news channel. Click Here to see the report with the video of the UFO. Click Here to read the full article.

Let us see some of the pictures of UFO.

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