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An interesting day in my life
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My interesting day happened when I went to elementary school in Horna Ves. I was in third class and I was ten years old. When I got up from bed the morning I thought that this day will the traditional how every other.
It was 12 june in year 2001. The morning was sunny and gorgeous. I went bus to school how every day. In school we had good mood all, because summer hols was in door. At that time visit came unexpectedly. He was brought teacher which teach Geography. His name was Andy Omar. He had twenty-three years and He was from Nigeria. Before us stood circa 185cm tall African. Andy was born and upgrowed in Nigeria but He came study in Slovakia when He had eighteen years. He learned speak at Slovak language. He told about Africa, African nature about their traditions, habits and foods. When he told everything about Africa We still photoed with Andy and then I left.
It maybe wasn´t my most interesting day in my life but Ithink that this was unusual and special day how every other, because I learned a lot of new things and I remember gladly on this day.
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