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My favourite book
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I like spend my free time with reading books. They tell me a lot of news about people, their life and their points of view. A book is a friend and also a teacher. Books rouse our interests, amuse us, enrich us mentally and give us new knowledge and a lot of wisdom.

My favourite book is Robinson Crusoe by Daniel Defoe. Robinson Crusoe from York was a man that always wanted to be on the sea. But his father told him that he should stay home and work like his father. But his dream has become a reality when he left his home and he went on the sea with his friends. Near Africa’s coast pirats caught him and send him to jail. Then one man took him away from jail and Robinson had to go fishing and hunt with him. Then he ran away with one boy in a little boat. One day a ship from Spain saved them and they went to Brazil. Then he had a tobacco plantation there. But he wanted to go to Africa and while he was sailing his ship sank and he was alone on the unknown island. He made there a little fortress and then he was going to the wreck and he always brought something what could help him to live on this island. Then he made some fields and he was breeding some goats. One day he saw some cannibals and he had to fight them. He fought them and he became a friend of one cannibal, because he saved his life. Then he saw a ship on the sea so he went to that ship and he was saved. Then he went home, he had children and finally he was rich. He was on that island more than 27 years.

The most important thing for Robinson in this story was that he didn´t stop carrying tools and other things from the shipwreck and he brought on the island by his raft as many things as many he could.

This book is very interesting in that how Robinson coped with his destiny on the island. Defoe describes the nature very lively and the reader can easy imagine all the island and everything that Robinson produced and managed to do. I think that the story is very instructive because it shows us to not to give up until we´re alive and try to survive in any conditions that life gives us.

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