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My favourite singer Rihanna

My favourite singer is Rihanna. She was born in Sain Michael, Barbados on 20 February. Nowdays Rihanna is already quite famous singer with musical influences from pop, R'n'b, reggae, dancehall and dance. She became wellknow all over the world. With her hits such as "SOS", Unfaithul and the lates "Cry", "Umbrella", "Don´t stop the music". When she was 15 she made her first big break. When of her friends introduced her famous musical producer Evan Rogers. He was on holidays in Barbados with his life. Rogers helped Rihanna record material in the United States of America and send to music companies. Her full name is Rihanna Robyn Fenty. I like her beutiful voice. Also I like her lifestyle. Few years ago she was a model. In my opinion the best song is Shut up and drive.

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