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It is a luxury to own an automobile in city
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It is an expensive luxury to own an automobile in a large city. Firstly, while owning a car and living in a large city it is a necessity to have a parking lot somewhere close to your home. In our capital city the individual or private parking lot costs even up to 20000 Sk per year. Secondly, very important is to know that you are to pay considerably high amount of money whenever you want to park in busy streets. Usually, you should expect an hour rate from 10 – 100 Sk depending from a location in the city. Last but not least, experienced motorists know that the gasoline mileage in the city is higher than that one on freeways. Constant stops at traffic lights, dense traffic jams and reduced speed limits, they all are factors that mainly influence a high fuel consumption. Since the price of gasoline is increasing, your expenses are increasing as well. As a conclusion, if you live in the city, you should be aware that owning a car is a luxury because of many issues you are required to take a care of, including parking taxes or increased gasoline consumption.
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