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My today´s essay is about food. It consist of a few smaller topics like a breakfast, lounch and dinner, features of eating habits, food in Slovakia in compare with American and English food, drinking and my favourite food ever.

My breakfast
I have breakfast ussualy at nine or ten o´clock at the weekend. During the school I don´t have time for breakfast. So I snack at school at nine o´clock. My traditional weekend breakfast mostly consist of sausages with kechup or mustard, some buns and rolls with butter, cheese, ham and some vegetables, hard boiled egg or ham and eggs. In my opinion these dishes are most suitable for breakfast and are most frequently served in Slovakia every day. I eat my breakfast most likely with my mum in the kitchen. Not in my room or in the different place, because in my opinion breakfast is main meal during the day. In the kitchen I can eat in peace as long as I want and I can enjoy my breakfast.

My lunch
I had had lunch in school canteen for six years, but now I have lunch only at home or I buy something when I walk home, If I am very hungry. I have lunch at two or three PM, when I arrive home.My lunch and lunch in most of the slovak families consist of some soup and main dish. Soup may be chicken or vegetable and main dish may be fried chicken, some meat with rice, potatoes or pasta with some sauce. I eat lunch in my room, when I am sitting in front of television or computer. I know, that it is considered as uncomfortable by many people, but for me it is quite comfortable, because I don´t consider lunch as a main meal during the day and I eat it faster than breakfast.

My dinner
I don´t eat so much for dinner. Ussualy I take some roll with butter, joghurt or cup of milk. Sometimes, when I am very hungry I take leftovers of lunch. But only sometimes. I don´t know how do other people eat dinner or what do they eat. Some people have dinner always at six or seven PM and they eat together with family, but I don´t. I dine when I am hungry, without my mum. She dines ussualy later than me.

Eating habits
People use set of cutlery to eat something. Basic cutlery consist of tablespoon, fork and knife. But we know many kinds of spoons, forks and knives that are used for eating different kinds of food. Cutlery we know today came to light only in 17. century.
By bon ton cutlery has to be placed like this: The fork left of the plate, by spikes up
The knife right of the plate, by blade to plate
The spoon left of the plate, by bottom at table The dessert cutler up to plate
* Some of cutler´s parts belong to small plate under the cup of tea or coffee (tea spoon, mocca spoon).
Meal consist of starter (f.e. salad), soup, main dish and dessert (f.e. cake). At home, we have always soup and main dish, sometimes dessert. In resaturant or at special opportunity like anniversary, wedding or bitrhday we can eat all these meals maybe with special set of cutlery.

Food in Slovakia
Every country has some traditional food. Slovakia isn´t an exemption. In Slovakia bread with salt was meal, that was the biggest compliment how to revere guests in the past. Somebody can tell, that it is a traditional slovak food. But I think no. Creamy soups and side dishes like a „sour potatoes“, hedge garlic, creamy onion soup and so forth are very popular in Slovakia. Our traditional main dish is tiny potato pancake with goose meal or „pirohy“ with marmelade, curd cheese, apples or with potato filing and chive, which is traditional Eastern Slovak dish. Pirohy looks like large Italien pasta called raviolli.

English & American food in compare with food in Slovakia
In Slovakia people used to cook meal every day at home, but English and American people used to eat in fast foods or restaurants and they don´t cook at home very often. English people ussualy eat baked beans, ham and eggs, bacon and fried bread for breakfast. For lunch they eat „packed lunch“. It consist of sandwich with something or it is a different meal, we can warm in the microwave. For dinner British people eat so much, because dinner is the most important food of the day for them. I would never get accustomed to english food. In my opinion they live unhealthy lifestyle as well as Americans. They eat hamburgers and I hate it.

Drinking & Drinks
Noble drink made out of grapes – wine. Everyone agrees with me, that good wine is the most suitable drink to good meal. We know several kinds of wine. We drink each one with special kind of food.

My favourite food& drink
I like Slovak kitchen, but Chinese and Italian kitchen are very very good too. My favorite food of Slovak kitchen is spinach. Many people don´t like this. They say, spinach have sick green colour and it is disgusting. I think, nothing better exist than spinach with mashed potatoes. My favorite cake is „makovník“. The best is, when it is baked by my grandmother. I like visiting Chinese or Asian restaurants. Chicken with pineapple and rice is the next one of my favourite foods. In Chinese kitchen they ussualy use chicken meat with some exotic ingredients. My point of view is, that meat with some fruit and exotic pepper is great combination.
Pizza and pasta is my favourite food ever. In my opinion, pizza and pasta are the best of traditional Italian dishes. Tiny crunchy pizza batter is great. I love pizza with four kinds of cheese (Quatro formaggi). This is the best pizza I know. Pasta with tomato sauce, cheese and basil or with tuna is my favourite too. My favourite drinks are multivitamin, water-melon, strawberry and pineapple juices. I like various kinds of coctails. Friut or milk – it doesn´t matter.

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