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Living in a country
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Living in a country

In my opinion, living in a country has more pros than cons. It is up to us, how we arrange our home, but living in a country is very good. There is fresh air, clean environment and silence in a country. It is healthy for people and healthier than a life in the city. We are not so stressed and we find some time only for us more often than in the city. We find some time to relax, walking in the forest, nearby lake or river or relaxing on meadow. This is one of the plus sides of the living in a country.

I think, that some of disadvantages of living in a country are for example less available health care (not enought specialized doctors). People must travel to see doctor to the nearest cities. Next it is less availability of various kinds of products, there is no shopping center, only small shops like grocery and bakery. When we do not have our own car, living in a country is too complicated. And in a country is a lot of work round the house and in the garden, or small field too. Most of people are very lazy and this is unimaginable for them.

I would not live in country, but in the city not too. I would like live in silent part at the edge of the city in my own house with my family, because I would like to have city, shopping centers and doctors near-hand, but I would like to breath fresh air and I would like to live in silent, not in the middle of city rush. Finally I think, that living in the city is particularly suitable for young people and living in a country particularly for older people. This is my point of view. But every man has his own opinion.

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