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The more communication technology we have, the less we really communicate
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We live in a society that uses a lot of types of communication technology. We use internet, mobile phones and other forms of technology to communicate over long and short distances. This new age brings us a lot of opportunities but brings us some bad things too. Everything has it's good and bad sides. So I think that we can stay in contact with a lot of people but we don't meet them personaly very often anymore and so that is the bad thing about this technology.The real communication doesn't mean that we sit in the front of computer and chat with someone. The real communication means to meet that person and spend some time with it. It means to communicate nonverbaly too. It 's a mistake that people stay more and more at home instead of going to see their friends. I think that that it's not too late to change thigs right. We have the power to do that. We must realize how much we miss when we won't start the real communication
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