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Unexpected dream
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Unexpected dream

I was going to realize my dreams,
and what I got?
The deapest ocean,worme sun, sweet words...
Everything about you locked my mind.
I can't breath, I can't sleep, I can't eat, I can't think....
Now your gone and left me only pain.

You thinked that everyone hate you,
but you didn't knew my deapest secret.
I wonted to touch a part of you,
you bring me a whole new world.

At the begining I thinked that you are only
passed man,I weld myself.
Now in my dreams i dreaming only about you,
we are just a strangers in two different worlds.

When I need support you give it to me.
Without you I lost everything.
The world became for me just a black tape,
what are we waited for?

Something goes wrong, and first we don't
want to know...
Someone pople never say the words I LOVE YOU,
but you keep that three words close to your heart...

Now we are only dust in a wind...........

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