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Future: Year 2050

YEAR 2050

I was sitting in my living-room and watching TV, especially what´s new between USA and asian states. I asked Andrew for a cup of coffee, because this topic was already so boring. Always the same and no changes to make these relationships better. Suddenly my lovely grandson came to me and asked me:

,, Grandaddy? Do you think I could go to another planet on holiday for example in year 2100? Will It be possible?´´
,, Oh dear, I disappoint you, I really don´t know but I can tell you something.´´
,, Thank you´´ I said to Andrew who had brought me the cup of coffee. ,, Now you can turn off´´. Andrew followed my orders without any hesitation.

I took a look at my grandson who was ready to listen. ,, Well, when I was in your age I had similar debatable questions. As young guys we imagined that the world would be different than it´s now. We dreamt about fast flying objects, about teleporting from place to place, about robotica, cloning, about pills instead of school, about pills istead of meals, about pills against whatever, just to save our free time. So many of young people stoped attending school, because they trusted their dreams. Later, things like sports, books and of course learning were considered for a waste of time and slowly became extinct.

Howewer as you can see, there is no flying object in garden. No pills with name ,,chemistry,,. Even you don´t have second grandfather of beta version. Evolution has certainly progressed a lot, but not all of our dreams came true.

,, So I have to forget things in my dreams?´´ Asked little Michael. ,, Certainly NO, but you have to be prepared to carry disappointment of executory dream. And someone very clever once said: Live your dreams.´´ ,,I don´t really understand , but I think I will go on my holiday into space.´´ And he left. I realized we had a lot in common. I was laughing on my dreamed grandson.

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