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Younger people see life completely differently from their parents
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Younger people see life completely differently from their parents

I would like to begin by saying that, this statement is reason, why most of families do not have too good relationships between parents and children.

First of all it is because of speed how everything turns, moves and developmenting around us. Speed is as fast as was never before.

What our parents now consider for awesome we take for common and what they consider for unrealistic for us is possible. Because different sides make different opinions and parents are our life´s teachers, we have to obey and adapt them. This is often time for conflicts and quarrels.

However when I look at teenage times of my mather and father I am persuade they were same like me now. They wanted be with friends until late morning next day, they wanted do things as adults do, they wanted eat all forbidden fruit. So why do not they let me do these things? Because they could not do that too?

In conclusion, I hold the view that on the way to become adult is somewhere point, when brain and his thinking sharply turn and follows parent´s brains. This point usually comes with first borned child. Therefore I am probably reason why my parents do as their parents and they as their parents and so on ...
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