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Advantages and disadvatages of being tall
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There are many different people in the world; fat and thin, polite and impolite, cheerful and gloomy etc. So we will star to talk about tall people and advantages and disadvantages of being tall

Tall people could bump one’s head against anything which is lower than they are. For example a bar in the bus or a chandelier if it too low. They couldn’t wear whatever they want because they often couldn’t find their size of clothes in shops. Fortunately there are some specialized shops with clothes for tall people. And if it rains they always have wet legs because their umbrella is too high. So that was disadvantages. And what about advantages?

Tall people can do some sports which are very difficult to do for short people. For example basketball, volleyball, high jump etc. They can reach that things that anyone else couldn’t so they do not need to ask the shop assistant to put the goods from the highest shelves. And tall people seem to be strong so they are respectable.

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