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My home town
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My home town

I live in Senec. It is a small and beautiful town near the capital city - Bratislava, on the west of Slovakia. Senec has polulation of about 16 000 people.

There are some old buildings, but people have built new building in recent years and the construction is still runnning. There are lots of monuments, Church of st. Mikuláš, Turkish house or Synagogue, for example. There is one Catholic and one Evangelic church in Senec. But not the whole town of Senec is old, because we have a new bus station, square, library and football standium, too. Senec has also many restaurants, pubs and cafés. There are many shops and the most of them are clothes-shops. We also have big department stores like Billa or Lidl and we are building another store - Tesco.

In Senec there are some schools. Two primary schools for slovak children and one for hungarian kids, two grammar secundary schools - one is slovak and one hungarian and other ordinary secundary schools. And there are some kindergartens, too.

Senec is a quite famous for Sunny Lakes. So it is popular destination for many people. Turists came there mainly in summer and most of them are from Czech republic and Hungary, but some of them are from Austria and Gremnay or from Great Britan and America. They enjoy their holiday there, because there is a lot of sunshine in summer.

I like living in Senec, because I have a lots of friends there and it is my home town

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