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Nefertiti and Achnaton

Nefertiti and Achnaton

The last book I have read was the story called Nefertiti and Achnaton, which was written in 1996 by well-known french writer and speciallist of ancient Egypt Christian Jacq.

It is a story about one of the strangest pharaohes in acient Egypt and about his wife - Nefertiti. The action is happening in 14-th century b. c. and it is told by the translations of old egyptian hieroglific texts and noticies. Jacq also wrote his own opinion about the events, which had happend in this period.

Achnaton makes the religious reform, because the priests of Amon in Waset (or Téby) had too strong influence on people. So he starts worship of one of the sun gods - Aton, he buillts the new capital city called Achetaton - the city just for Aton and he moves there with his family and the Court too. The moving of royal family to Achetaton means the even of cults in egypt.

The book also shows how deep and passionate was love between Achnaton and his wife, the Queen Nefertiti, who was the most beautiful woman in antic Egypt.

I loved this book, because I‘m really interested in history, especially in antic Egypt and if I get there, I‘d like to visit all interesting places.

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