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Formal Letter to newspaper - local needs
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Formal letter - local needs

Dear Editor,

We are writing because of the bad traffic situation in our town. It´s the main problem for people who don´t live in (town) but work there.
First, there are traffic jams every day during the week. Nevertheless, the traffic lights are often out of order. Anybody doesnt do anything about it. All the cars go across the town because there is no by-pass.
Cars produce carbon monoxide which causes air pollution and acid rains. Because of a lot of cars, there is for example bad traffic situation and many accidents. A lot of people also die there, because the nearest hospital is far away - in (other town).
We think other residents should write to the government about this issue. We also think that new by-pass should be built and traffic lights should work all the time.
We look forward to reading more letters about this issue in your newspaper.

Yours faithfully
Sexta A
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