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Dangerous Wolf - story
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Jessie - who is telling the story - shes smart, pretty with short blond hair, boys like her, but shes very shy and shes afraid of almost everything
Thess - her sister - very brave person, but too proud, shes quite pretty but people dont like her very much because she thinks shes the best

It was beautiful spring morning. I woke up early and looked from the window. It was wonderful. Sun was shining and birds were singing. I felt happy and I decided to go on the trip. I told it to my sister Thess and she wanted to go with me. We went t the near forest. It wasnt far, so we didnt take a car.
We were picking flowers and talking and singing. We were in the very good mood. Suddendly my sister stopped singing and she was looking at something behind me. I stopped singing too and I turned back. I saw a big grey wolf that was looking at me. I started to yell but my sister was quiet. She was still staring at the wolf. It didnt seem very dangerous but I was afraid because its a quite big animal. Then I stared to run and cry. Thess ran too, but she didnt cry.
I saw a little house in front of me between the trees. I slowed down and started to knock on the door. The door opened and there was a small old woman. She saw a wolf and said "Oh poor girls, are you afraid of my dog?It´s not dangerous." We were surprised. "Oh my god. Isnt it a wolf?We thought it is." She started to laugh, " No its not but many people think so. Arent you hungry? Come in."
We came in, ate and the old woman took us to the end of the forest. Then we went back in our house. We felt very happy to be back home.

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