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Bed and breakfast - story
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Tim Stevens arrived to Bath about nine o clock. He didnt know anybody in Bath but he needed accommodation. "Is it there any cheap hotel, please?" Tim asked porter. "Try to go to Andrea. There must be some free places."
He was going along the street to the hotel Andrea when he saw the inscription BED AND BREAKFAST in one of the windows. It interested him. Tim went closer and looked inside the window. In the room, there was a little sleeping dog, a lot of armchairs and birdcage with parrot. He knocked at the door. It opened. "Come in" said the old woman. She looked very strong. "I saw the inscription, " he said. "Id like to see the room. I was going to the hotel Andrea. What is the prize? " She said the prize. It was really cheap. "Id like to stay here" He came in, put off his coat and went after the woman. There was no other coats or hats. There wasnt any umbrellas - just nothing. " I dont have often the guests, " she said. "Shes little crazy" Tim thought. " It doesnt matter, its really cheap" She showed him the room. "Are you hungry? Please, come down before youll go to sleep. I need you to write your name to the guest book."
He found the open guest book at the table. On the page, there were only two names. Tom Wilkins and Andrew Miller. He thought he knew these names but he didnt know from where. He repeated names in a loud voice. "Nice guys" the woman stood behind him. " I think I know these names" Tim said slowly. "Im sure I saw them in the newspapers. I think...Maybe from the same article. Tom Wilkins. He was student and he went to the tour. And then he..." " He wasnt student, he was journalist." They were quiet for a while. Then he said " "I think he left before a while. " "Left? Hes still here. Together with Mr. Miller." Tim looked at her suprised. "Mr. Miller was older than you. But I thought he was younger. He had skin like a baby. He didnt have any stains on the body." Again silence. Then he looked at the parrot : "he looks like hes alive" Who stuffed him?" "Me of course. Did you see my dog?" He looked at dog and he smiled a little. " Oh, it has to be difficult". "No, I stuff all my pets when they die." She looked at him and smiled.
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