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Animal Farm - Description of Boxer
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Boxer is a character (horse) from a novel - Animal Farm by George Orwell. He represents hard-working loyal worker on the farm. After reading Animal farm he became my favourite character for his personal qualities and also for his strong faith in his leader.

As was mentioned he is hard-working horse, he is the strongest among of all animals on the farm. He is brave and kind despite the fact he is not the clever one – he was able to learn only four letters of the alphabet. He had two mottos :

1. “I will work harder!”
2. “Napoleon is always right!”

“I will work harder!” was his answer to nearly any problem. He got up earlier than other animals and went to sleep as the last. He worked harder than anyone else on the farm and this is the what became his end. During life he was keeping farm together, but unable to see that corruption is spreading on the farm and he blindly believed in Napoleon no matter what (“Napoleon is always right!”). It is irony of fate that the most loyal worker ended up overstrained and reward from pigs was knacker instead of promised retirement. This means that pigs weren`t different from Mr.Jones they were even more cruel.

Boxer is a tragic hero and genius of hard work for me. I chose him because in spite of his low intelligence he was a “good person”. His end is a picture of injustice in this world and it will move you to think about value of human life in society. Through various characters in story I feel the most sympathy towards him.

*Curiosity-Boxer may have been inspired by Aleksei Grigorievich Stakhanov, a miner in the Soviet Union who became a hero in 1935 for his great productivity, or the Soviet Stakhanovite movement named after him, which was aimed at increasing worker productivity. His name was possibly based upon the Boxer Uprising in China.
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