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Fiktívna firma Tortois Ninja Group - TNG
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1.History of the company

The Tortoise Ninja Group, p.l.c. (TNG) was founded ratification Contract in 1. 1. 1990 with fusion of twenty-five small banking companies Ninja Group, p.l.c. and twenty-five small insurance companies Tortoise group, p.l.c.
All activities in the banking, insurance, finance and administrating actives of the clients are including in the company Tortoise and Ninja. This structure is important condition Index French - English (IFE1), which demands fulfil condition about dealing evidence banking and insurance operations. This codex was writing 2. 2. 1991. It composes statements of the company, all lows and duties of the company contra her employees and clients too.
TNG were 3. 3. 1992 writing in the Business Register and since company offer her products and services under the one mark TNG. In this year TNG won prix Limra for high quality her products and services. TNG yearly won prix for high quality her products and services.
1993 – 1999
TNG noted the biggest expansion from 1993 – 1999. TNG expanded in the first on the European market – Slovakia, Bohemia, Hungry, Poland, Ukraine, Russia... etc. After occupied the World Market – Great Britain, America.
TNG, is first company, which lanced on the market investment - life insurance third generation called packet Life TNG 3G or called Packet life. Productive and young people interest resolve their pension complex and they have one important question: “I want saving much money on my pension. What is this possible?” We offer answer -you saving your money with the our company.
2002, 2003
TNG in the 2002 started Complete-Retired Company (TNG CRC) and took Licence for selling complete-life insurance (III. pillar). This product offer from 2003 called TNG Complete-retired insurance (TNGcri).
2004, 2005
In the January 2004 TNG started Old-Retired Company (TNG ORC) and like first in the Slovakia fulfil all conditions for Licence of the selling old-retired saving (II pillar) and this product offer from the 1. 1. 2005 called TNG Old-retired saving (TNGors). TNG CRC was writing in the Commercial Register 20. 2. 2002 and TNG ORC were writing in 30. 3. 2004.

Selling and buying old-retired saving is for your, which you have more like 10 years on the depart of retired and you are employees.
TNG is on the most and reanimated group, which offer services financial on the world. She has more like 100 million clients, she has subsidiaries in the 100 countries a she employees. She offer products and services clients 100 years. It is most of the all companies, which offer in the Slovakia old-retired saving.1 million people believes our company. TNG administrate actives of the clients in the retired fund v some 100 milliard Eur. On the financial Slovak market is TNG perceive like innovator.
We can select one of three retired fund – growth fund (called TNG Boom), stable fund (called TNG Conserve) and balance fund (called TNG Weight). You don’t buy about corona more. Wage funds don’t increase, only wage funds deal between I. pillar (state retired insurance) and II pillar (old-retired saving).
Money in the ORS account inherits and you can control your money in the ORS account through internet, telephone. You are taking regular extract of the ORS account one the year. The best profit mainly for young people. Small risk decrease pension for various in the I pillar (old age population). Many possible pay old-retired saving –annuity and annuity with gradual select.
TNG Old-retired Company can user actives in the fund only payment pension and cannot user money on the payment debtors of the company. Pensions on the old-retired account don’t valorise, but shell increase interest like on the standard banking account. If you are saving more like is low state minimum necessary on the payment life-pension, you can some, which will on the old-retired account, taking at once.
Attention! With according Agreement between Company and Saving is fusion risk and propagated profit of the portfolio is not guarantee future profit retired fund. Activities Old-retired company control Bureau for Financial Market.
Do you want much money on the pension? Don’t hesitating and do saving!

3. Graph
Investment bankers noted in the year 1990 huge crash, because there was a lot of unemployment and high inflation in many countries. ON the begin TNG were big problem transplant on the market, because there was economic depression and people don’t believe companies. TNG achieved in the 1990 only profit under 20 million dollars. This situation don’t changing in the 1991, and profit stay at the same. But in the 1992 there entered on the market new companies, which offer people employment, people began the money and profit surge speedily. In the 1993 profit slip at the 45 million dollars, because the market was saturating. That is reason, why in the 1993 TNG entered on the others market, but didn’t note success like she wanted. Her profit increased only by 3 million dollars, after the year decreased by 3 million dollars too. Because TNG began innovated her products and services. Despite of TNG was company, which stood on the first place between the best companies. But from 1996 to 1998 there was on the stock exchange big repeat collapse, owning many companies crashed, but TNG hold her image. Between these years profits improve and drop by under 20 million dollars. But after year 1998 TNG entered World Market and this moment was very important for company, TNG noted success. TNG innovated too her product and services, her profit began decline from the 1998 and growth today and didn’t stand at 120 million dollars.
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