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What makes me proud of being Slovak
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What makes me proud of being Slovak

This question is in general difficult. There are many facts that I could be proud of, but there are also facts, that I could be ashamed of. I think, that it is not very important if I am Slovak, German or Jap, because every country has its own history, their own wins and failures, their own heroes and denoucers. In my view, everyone should be proud of its country, because every country has some pros and cons.

I am proud that the country I live in is a democratic state and that the comunism fell down. I realize, that during the comunism there were some pros and cons. I have read philosophy of Karl Marx, and I realized he had wanted to make an ideal state, but it was not so perfect as he had thougth. There were many mistakes and things that seperated people to the different groups.
I am proud of our society, that we are spreading step by step, day by day.

I am proud of Slovakia because this country is a lovely place to live in. We are surrounded by natural. In Slovakia there are many beautiful towns with unique history, originally architecture and many interesting sightseeing monuments. Slovakia has special traditions and these traditions are different according to the part of Slovakia you are in.

I am proud of my parents and parents of their parents. They have taken care about me, they taucht me how to behave, how to decide, how to work by my own hands. I know, if I want something I have to do everything to get it. If I study hard I will be accepted to university and I will achieve my goals.

To sum up – I am really proud of our country, of Slovakia.
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