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My failure homework

I know, our homework was write a trip in UK or Ireland. I apologize, I have not done it, I could not. I have never been in UK or country in which is spoken English. I cannot imagine, what would I do, where would I go.. Yes, I could imagine, but I do not want, because I would feel, that I lie you, and me. I have to tell you something, what I lived through. So I start.

It began in summer, when I was working in Prague with my boyfriend Miro in Hornbach. And he saw and Miro too. But he did not tell me anything. By the end of June I had a nameday, but he forgot it and I was very disappointment about it. And once, we have a day off and we went outside, to the centre for a walk, have an icecream and took some photos.. He knows Praug better than me, because his mother has worked and lived there, I think for a three or four years, and I was in Prague once in December for a few days. And he took me to the office, where that tickets were waiting for him, but I did not know anything about this. He told me, that he had a surprise for me, and that I had to stay outside. So I agreed and waited for him outside. In two minutes he was standing next to me and I asked him, what´s up?? And he started: “My nice Nut, I love you, and I am a big forgetful fool, and I am so sorry, I bought these two tickets for you and me.” And I answered: “Really?? I love you, my raisin, so let it celebrate with a big portion of icecream.

And now, I want to tell you, how we go there. The concert was in Hukvaldy, near Frydek-Místek in Czech republic, 12. 8. 2007.
We met in Frydek-Místek about at four p.m. and we found a bus to Hukvaldy. We got off in Hukvaldy, near amphitheatre, where it whole should be. We were hurry up, to take a place for the concert. And we were sitting there from five to eight p.m. and waiting for beginning of the concert.

The concert began, at first there was a Tomáš Kočko wiht his band, he stayed there for an hour, and then, at nine p.m. came Jarek, and show started. Show was really nice, funny, with a little bit of sentiment. It finished something before midnight. We did not have any sleepers, any tent, we have only a rug, and no accommodation. I was a little bit unhappy, because I have never been sleeping out, on a bench or something like that.

It was really interesting, because I had to hitchhike alone, because Miro thought, that nobody would stop him /as a boy/. At first, it looked very simply, and I thought that we hitchhiked in ten minutes somobody, but unfortunatelly, I was wrong. So we went on our own for maybe 2-3 kilometres /because this village was long/.. I was angry, that nobody stopped, but later, one car stopped. I asked him, if he did not go to Frydek-Mistek, or Český Tešín or Ostrava, but he did not. But this all gingered me up, and I was again optimistic. We were near the end of Hukvaldy, and we could saw another guys hitchhiking, so we stopped and hitchhiked in front of them.

When I was angry and desperated, that Miro did not take a tent, some car stopped. And they took us to Frydek-Místek to the railway station. I was so happy.. It was about one a.m., when we got off their car and sat on a bench at station. I was tired, so I lied on a bench and we were waiting while they open the station. The station was opened at three a.m.. Our first train went at 3.31 a.m. to Český Tešín, it lasted about 40 minutes, and we had only four minutes, to got on a train to Čadca, but we fell asleep in a train and a ticket-collector woke up us. We were running to next train, I was not sure, it was the right, but fortunatelly it was.
At 5.03 a.m. we were in Čadca and our last train left at 5.08 a.m. to Zvolen. I decided to go to Zvolen with Miro, because he pleaded me to go with him to a dentist, because of his sore tooth. At 7.56 a.m. we were in Zvolen and we went to the dentist. He pulled him nerves, and then he saw me off to the bus station, because at 11 a.m. I had a bus to Poprad, to home. But, unfortunately we stayed in Banská Bystrica for an hour, because of wrong bus. So I can allege, that it was a story of my holiday.
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