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I don't know, what i want to work in future, yet. but i have some fantasies. i want to successful finish this school in nearest future. I like mathematics and foreign languages, so i want to study at university with specialized for foreign languages or economics or eventually juristic college. If i finish school i want to find work, which mainly diverts me. i want to save money, so that i would travel all the world. it is my next ambition. i want to visit different countries, i want to meet many people and their culture, it is something fantastic. eventually i want to find work abroud. next i would like to build up own company and i want to have, which are going to be successful not in my town but in the world. I want to have husband, who will be successful, intelligent and i want to love him. i want to have 2 children, who will be study in the best schools in the world. i want to experience a lot of, because i want to remember in future and in my old age. maybe i will win in lottery an i will be millionaire. well, these are only my plans and i hope, that it will be true. firstly i must hard working. first step is make exams in 4. class and what will be next? it's hard question but. i hope and i believe, that my plans will be facts.
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