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Teenagers are people who want to live in the world without their parents, without some rules. They are influenced by friends, television and surrrounding where they live. But also school, because there they spend much time. They dont want to go to school because they are bored there, teachers and school is not interesting for them. Everybody of them want to be different from others. Thats why they wear tatoos or piercings on different parties of body e.g., nose, ear, lags. They prefer their own style of music and fashion e.g. anarchists, punk, rocks. For them it is essential part of their lives. Some parents dont understant this and often argue with their children. Bud teenagers dont care. The most important is going out with friends, going to disco clubs at friday nights. Boys want to have girlfriends, girls want to have boyfriend. Girls try to be sexy like supermodels from TV. I think its ok in this period of life. I am teenager too and I prefer to be with friends at home to listen some music or just to talk. But sometimes I am getting crazy. Everybody should know that everybody was teenager and anyone passed for this period of life. According to my opinion this is the best part of life.
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