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I am having a nice time here in Australia. This place is fantastic and great, because sea is something exotic. It is very interesting and lovely because there is a lot of exotic animals and charming nature. It is very aborigines too. I think, that this place is the nicest place in the world, which i have ever seen. The weather is very hot. The sun shines the whole day. It is great, because I like sunshine. I am staying in a nice and a comfortable hotel near the Indian ocean. I have spectacular views of the ocean and nature from my bedroom. The people here are lively, noisy, friendly and they like entertaiment so much. I spend my time sighseeing tours and resting. Yesterday, I was at sailing oll over Indian ocean and I saw dolphins. I was very happy because I adore dolphins. They fascinate me and thye are my best waters animals. I was at Shark´s cove. There are a lot of sharks. Today, I am hoping to go for a walk acroos nature by the animals. I am feeling very happy and fine. I needed only peace and rest and I have its now and also i woudl like to visit some some shops to buy a lot of suveniers. See you soon. Give my best regards to my parents and my pals. With love
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