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It is an act when the embrio in womb is killed. Some people say that it is bad think but some say differently.

As far as I can see there must have been two main reasons why the abortion is bad. The first is that the embrio have right on life and the second is that the mum can be killed by abortion, too. But it has also some good sites for example: When a girl has child in 12 what can she do whit child? Nothing because she cannot care about it. An other is: when the baby born, it can born into place where it doesn´t get things which it need for life.

I, personally, am not in favour of abortion because every human have right on life. I find it quite awful. I think that some girls don´t take care about do not having child. Some of them quite take her to boy. But there are some who before the act rethink this and stop it.

To sum up there is some arguments against abortion. I feel that it is wrong thing but in finally way it is the best for child.

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