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Grace Kelly biography
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The Cannes Festival of 1954 would prove to be a life-changing event for Kelly. In a brief meeting with Prince Rainier Grimaldi of Monaco in connection with a photo essay for French magazine, Kelly proceeded to capture his heart. The bachelor prince sought her out over the next few months and desperately tried to create another opportunity to meet. The opportunity came on Christmas Day 1955, when Rainier, his priest, and his doctor were invited to dinner at the Kellys' home in Philadelphia. On January 5, 1956, after a whirlwind romance, Rainier and Kelly formally announced their engagement in New York and Monaco. However, before marrying, Kelly had to fulfill her contract with MGM by appearing in High Society, a musical remake of The Philadelphia Story featuring a score by Cole Porter. One week after filming, Kelly and her closest friends and family set sail for Monaco, where they were greeted with grand festivities. Kelly and Prince Rainier were married on April 18, 1956, in a short civil ceremony at the royal palace. The next day, they married again in a large formal ceremony at Monaco’s Cathedral of St. Nicholas. For the three-hour public event, watched on television by 30 million people, Kelly wore an ivory dress made by Hollywood designer Helen Rose and was attended by seven bridesmaids. The new royal couple then set sail on the Prince’s yacht for a lengthy Honeymoon cruise. Shortly after their return, Prince Rainier announced that his consort was pregnant. On January 23, 1957, Princess Grace gave birth to Caroline Louise Marguerite—the first heiress to the throne. However, the birth of a son, Albert Alexandre Louis Pierre, 14 months later made him the rightful heir under Monegasque law. The birth of a third child, Princess Stephanie Marie Elizabeth, on February 1, 1965, completed the royal family. Life was much more difficlut at the royal palace than Kelly originally imagined due to cultural differences and Rainier’s difficult family. In 1960, her father died which left Princess Grace griefstricken. In 1964, Alfred Hitchcock offered her the lead in the film Marnie, but although she was interested in returning to work, the disapproval of her husband and Monaco's public forced her to turn him down. She proceeded to have several miscarriages, which further impeded her happiness and wellbeing. Nevertheless, Kelly did not hesitate to become involved in her official duties.
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