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Grace Kelly biography
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She succeeded her husband as president of the American Red Cross and established several charities—primarily devoted to childcare and improving the situation for Monaco’s youth. On behalf of her work with young people, the U.N. Food and Agricultural Association awarded Kelly the Ceres medal in 1977. During the early 1970s, Princess Grace and Rainier began to grow apart. Although they had different interests, they put up a façade for the public. Kelly later attributed their endurance during this time to their shared Catholic faith and her belief in and support of traditional women’s roles. She told Eleanor Perry (Us magazine, May 17, 1977), "Women's natural role is to be a pillar of the family... Emancipation of women has made them lose their mystery." Cut off from acting, Kelly began to explore alternative avenues of creative activity. She read poetry at the Edinburgh festival and in 1976 narrated Robert Dornhelm’s film about a ballet school in the Soviet Union, which began a lifelong friendship. Princess Grace also took up needlepoint and began to execute intricate collages of dried flowers (50 of which were exhibited at a Paris gallery in 1977). Her other interests included the study of astrology. While her children, charities, and personal interests kept her occupied, Princess Grace continued to attract unprecedented press attention and the paparazzi relentlessly pursued her family. Her children’s widely publicized rebellions and misfortunes did not help the situation. At age 20, Caroline married and divorced Phillipe Junot, 17 years her senior. While spending the summer in their country house in 1982, Stephanie, a difficult teenager, announced that she would follow her boyfriend to race car driving school in the fall. On September 13, 1982, Princess Grace was driving Stephanie back to the Palace in Monaco and had a stroke behind the wheel. She lost control of the car and it plunged off the road down a steep embankment. Stephanie suffered serious injuries from the crash and Kelly, critically injured, fell into a coma. Stephanie survived, but Kelly died the next day when Rainier, Albert, and Caroline decided to remove her life support. Monaco and the Grimaldi family mourned the loss of Princess Grace, and Rainier never remarried. Her memory continues to capture and inspire the public imagination, even though her fairy tale masked many struggles and concluded in tragedy. .
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