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For most people travelling is a great hobby. If you have to travel somewhere, the first thing you should do is decide how to get to your destination. You may travel by land, by air or by sea. If you travel by land, you should consider one of these: going on foot (walking), riding a bike or a motorcycle. They all have advantages and disadvantages.
Walking or going on foot is definitely the cheapest and the healthiest way. If your destination is far away, you will probably choose a bus.
Travelling by train was quite common in the past.
For children, going somewhere by train is always an interesting and special experience. Sitting at the window and watching the beautiful countryside.
Going by plane is said to be the fastest, the most expensive, and even the safest way to travel according to statistics.
The most common way of travelling today is going by car. If you fell tired, you can sleep in a motel and continue your journey on the following day.
Lots of people have to travel short distances every day, they commute to work or school. If you live in a big city which has got an underground, you don´t have to spend a lot of time commuting to work.

There are different forms of education. Many children start their schooling in nursery school where they spend a few hours each day playing and doing some activities.
While in Britain primary schools are for children from five to eleven, in Slovakia they are attended by children between six and fifteen.
Some years ago a new type of school was introduced – the eight-year gymnazium. One positive effect is that talented children are given an opportunity to develop their knowledge and skills by means of the demanding curriculum. But that same curriculum can sometimes lead to their overloading that can result in the loss of a childhood full of fun and taking things easy.
To finish secondary education, students have to pass the school-leaving examination (matricular exams).
Many students want to continue their studies at universities where they study law, medicine, business or international relations and so on. While during their primary and secondary education they were given marks, at universities they have to get credits and grades A, B, C, D, E (if they pass) and FX (if they fail).
When students successfully accomplish their university studies they are given a degree in their field of study. The most advanced type of degree is a PhD when postgraduate students study on their own for several years, doing research work and writing a dessertation explaining what they have discovered.

Mankind has come a long way during its existence. In pre-historic times, people´s lives and their needs were simple – everything needed for life was at hand.
Step by step, people started changing the world, trying to make their lives easier and more comfortable.
Mankind started down a road of progress that he could not get off. The 18th and 19th centuries witnessed the industrial revolution that completely changed the world.
The development of science and technology went on rapidly and the 20th century brought such inventions as the airplane, the television, the computer, the mobile phone, the Internet and the videophone.
At the beginning of the 3rd millennium, science and technology have a deep influence on our lives.
New technologies have also made some transactions easier.
In the past few decades, we have witnessed a rapid development of new Technologies in medicine.
The food industry has also been influenced by scientific and technological advances.
New Technologies are everywhere, even surrounding us at home. Our households are equipped with modern appliances, sucha s refrigerators and freezers, vacuum cleaners, washing machines, dishwashers, microwave ovens, computers, TV sets, stereos and DVD and video players.

There are many big cities which are cosmopolitan such as London where the British from different parts of the country searching for jobs have settled down next door to Pakistanis or West Indians. Their children attend the same schools and grow up shoulder to shoulder.
New York is as cosmopolitan as London but is not as mixed. Nationalities stay in their own areas, like the Russians in the Russian section, the Germans in the German section.
The area of a city where many Chinese people live and where you can find many Chinese shops and restaurants is called Chinatown.
Since 1989 Slovakia has become a country open to people from other countries. Apart from Slovaks, the territory is inhabited by over half a million Hungarians in the south of Slovakia, along with smaller groups like the Ruthenians in the east. One minority without a territory are the Romany. A rapidly rising birth rate among the Romany means an increasingly important issue in Slovak politics and Slovakia is working hard to integrate them into society.
More and more women get married to men of different religion and colour. There is still a certain amount of prejudice, but most young people are tolerant, without any prejudice.
There are many benefits to a society which is truly multicultural. In enriches people offering them different experiences, different attitudes to life and supports tolerance and mutual understanding.

Places are important to people. In their lives they have an important role. Very important place is our birthplace. We are connected to this place with strong bonds. These bonds are made by our memories of our childhood.
When people are mature they often leave their birthplace and find their own place to live.
People choose place to live acctording to some attributes. These attributes are: job opportunities, environment (quiet or rush place) and distance to major cities.
The main purpose of living place is to acquire a shelter for our beloved ones.
Places are also important for student to study. Many students go abroad to study and live at foreign family.
Places are also important for vacations. People love to go sightseeing. A good place for visitors are historic landmarks beautiful natural wonders unique buildings and museums.
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