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Betty Ford biography
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Some people believed that the expression of Ford's liberal opinions was inappropriate for her position. Many others rallied behind her and her popularity rose. Battled Alcohol and Drugs

After Jimmy Carter defeated Gerald Ford in the 1976 presidential race, the Fords retired to Palm Springs, California. They had spent their entire married life in Washington. Several years later, Ford acknowledged that the adjustment to private life and retirement was more difficult that she realized at the time. "It was like cutting off one life and starting a completely new one," she said in a 1984 Ms. magazine interview. Ford had been taking pain medication since 1964. She also took tranquilizers and sleep medication. Doctors had prescribed and recommended these drugs for many years. In addition, Ford has never stopped social drinking. The combination proved dangerous. In 1978, her family confronted her about her chemical dependency and Ford entered the Long Beach Naval Hospital for alcohol and drug treatment. She described her recovery in a 1987 book, Betty A Glad Awakening. After her recovery, she became an advocate for drug and alcohol awareness, education and treatment. In 1982, Ford and Leonard Firestone co-founded the Betty Ford Center in Rancho Mirage, California, to treat people with drug and alcohol dependencies. It is regarded one of the best treatment facilities in the United States. Ford is the center's chairman of the board. No Rest in Retirement

The Fords live in Rancho Mirage. They have six grandchildren. Ford continues her work at the center and remains involved with handicapped children, the arts, breast cancer detection, arthritis, AIDS, and other women's issues. Ford's legacy is her openness and forthrightness in discussing her personal struggles. Her willingness to reveal her breast cancer raised the public's awareness of the disease and educated many women about early detection. She also spoke frankly about mental health and helped remove the stigma associated with alcoholism. At a time of her life when she could be enjoying retirement, Ford works tirelessly to raise awareness about alcohol and drug education. She has been honored for her work related to cancer, arthritis, alcoholism, disabled people, women's rights, and women's health. In 1999, she and her husband received the Congressional Gold Medal for their dedication to public service and their humanitarian contributions. .
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