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One of the major benefits of using sound interviewing and selection practices is that they increase the likelihood of selecting successful employees. The hiring decision is an important action with many consequences. A good choice results in an effective employee who will help a department meet its stated goals and objectives. A poor decision can lead to reduced productivity and morale and force a manager to spend many additional hours in training and counseling.


A large part of successful hiring involves a commitment to plan and create the best possible conditions to attract qualified candidates.

A recruitment plan should include the following:

  1. Updated Position Description
  2. Written Review of Diversity
  3. Well Prepared Employee Requisition
  4. Advertising Plan
  5. Interviewing and Selection Process


When a job opening occurs, the first concern must be to clearly and specifically know what we need, and what the essential duties, critical competencies and specific skills are. The three steps to developing this critical information are:

  1. Team Analysis. What would strengthen your work group's ability to deliver improved services.
  2. Job Analysis. A process of systematically collecting, analyzing and documenting the essential requirements of the job
  3. Incumbent Analysis. Review your own performance evaluations and look for areas where appropriate backup would increase your effectiveness


Recruitment refers to those efforts made to attract a pool of qualified applicants.

Recruitment practices will vary with:

  • the type of position;
  • labor market conditions (i.e., the anticipated "supply" of qualified candidates, current unemployment rates, etc.);
  • the funds allotted for recruitment


The purpose of application screening is to select the most highly qualified individuals for referral to the next step of the selection process, the interview. It is the first opportunity to begin assessing applicants against the established minimum and preferred requirements for the position. To improve the application screening process

  1. Review all materials presented by the applicant
  2. Check the internal consistency of the information.
  3. Be careful not to make unwarranted inferences

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