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Computers - advantages and disadvantages
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Computers are very popular nowadays. Nearly in each household we can find different types of computers. It is really excellent helper, especially in some kinds od jobs. People can save there a lot of documents, some music, photos, videos and they can see there some film on CD or DVD. Graphic programs are used for example during preparation own´s projects.

The next advantage of having a computer is that we can keep in touch with another people. Of course, we must have an Internet. If we have it, we can send an e-mail, chat or use webcamera. It is even way how to find interesting information, read actual news from all the world, or order and buy different things from wide offer of goods.

Disadvantage of having a computer is especially worse sight, headache and backache because of wrong sitting on a chair. The next disadvantahe is specific especially for kids or young. It is addiction. They are the most addicted on PC games or chat. It is very irresponsible, when parents allow to their children to spend so much time by combuter. They should go out better. And finally, computer is not very cheap...
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