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Drugs in sport
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People like sportsmen / sportswomen want to be the best in their specialization. Motivation is mainly achievement, fame and money. Achievements improve and prohibited ,,vitamins,, too.

This kind of drugs help to improve physical condition, increase muscles, strength and intensity of training and they hasten a curing after injuries. Performance-enhancing drugs use mainly bodybuilders, because they want to have attractive muscular body.

They are used against stress, fear and tiredness, too. Especially in cycling, for example in Tour de France, where were a lot of scandals. Professional sportsmen are supported even by their own trainers. We can see this problem almost everywhere. In some fitness centres, there are even several posters and advertisements with ,,vitamins,, . And an instructor can tell us more about them. But nobody speaks about negative influence... In the world, there are several cases of bad ends.
It is unbelievable, but young people (about 15) know about different performance-enhancing drugs and they have a lot of information. They even use some kinds. The most frequent are pills or injections.
I think that sportsmen / sportswoman couldn´t take any performance-enhancing drugs. It is unfair towards another sportsmen / sportswomen, who are honest. And later, in the future they will pay for it...
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