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Wright Flyer
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It all happened in December 1903. There was the first flying machine, which took off, flew about 30 meters and then landed without an accident. This heavier-than-air powered flight was totally controlled and recognized by the “Fédération Aéronautique Internationale”. The plane was designed and piloted by brothers Wright’s (Wilbur and Orwille) and they called their creation “Wright Flyer”.

The plane was made from spruce wood because of weight. But they could not find a suitable engine for it, because the automobile engines were very heavy. They made their own engine, from aluminum which was lighter than others. This engine was 77kg heavy and it had only 9kW. They used ordinary bicycle chain to attach the engine with propellers. Wings were made from firmer paper. The Flyer was controlled by 2 ailerons and elevators. It could not fly very fast; it reached 45kmph.

In my own opinion, this invention can be classified as one of many other important things, which have been ever invented.
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