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Avril Lavigne
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Avril Lavigne

Avril is a girl who knows what she wants. Avril doesn´t want to be a typical teen-pop princess. She is a Canadian who loves rock music. She is real but not ordinary. She was born 27. september 1984 in Ontario in Canada. Avril lived in Napanee. Avril started singing when she was two years old. It was country music. After few years Avril won a prize in local radio and she made a duet with country singer Shania Twain. She sang in church choir. In her 12 years she get her first guitar and she wrote her first song. In 16 years she moved to New York. She didn´t finish school. Her debut album was Let go. This album was released in 2002 in the United States. In Los Angeles, because in New York she couldn´t write her song herselft (single). They Avril call the BEST NEW ARTISTS. Her second album was Under my skin. It was released in 2004. Her third album, The Best Damm Things, was released in 2007. She is Galilean. Her full name is Avril Ramona Lavigne – Whibley. She has got about 163 centimeters. Piercings has got on the bally botom and ears. And tattoos has got stars and a heart with the letter „D“. Her father is John, mother Judy, brother Matt and sister is Michelle. Her husband is Deryck Whibley and he is frontman SUM41. They get married in July, 2006. Her dog is Sam. Her favourite bands are Green Day, SUM41 and Goo Goo Dolls. Her favourite film is 8 miles. She loves pizza with olives and cola. She has asthma. She is vegetarian. High school dipose for music. In school, she wasn´t popular. She rides on sk8. She plays the guitar, piano and drums. She loves write songs and concerts. If she wasn´t singer she will be a policewoman. In her band are two guitars, one basguitar and drums. She likes betray finger. Avril loves playing hockey and basketball, but she prefers playing with boys. But her songs are for boys and girls. Her music is real and honest.

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