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Júlia, Juliana
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Town and place
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Places have always been important in people’s lives. Throughout our lives we get to know various places. However, the most important place in our life is our birthplace. We know this place pretty well as it is connected with lots of memories from our childhood, with our parents and siblings and with our friends. This place reminds us of our first boyfriend or girlfriend and time at school. Some of us stay in our birth town forever. Those who have to leave their birthplace for any reason never forget about it and always come back at least for a short visit.

Some people move to live in a village because houses are cheaper and people are friendlier. Mostly they live in their houses with big gardens. For Slovakia people is typical to breed animals and grow vegetable when they live in a village. Some people prefer busier life, with lots of people everywhere, busy traffic and rushing around. These people move to towns or cities. Big cities offer more opportunities for finding a job, education, cultural events, sports facilities and entertainment. Socializing is easier because people in cities are more open and welcome to meet new friends. On the other hand, life can be quite hectic and stressful. There are lots of interesting places all over the world which people like to visit. Some prefer educational trips. They enjoy sightseeing, visiting new towns, cities, museums or galleries and to learn about different cultures. Those who like swimming and sunbathing often go to countries with a coast or to more exotic warm places. Some people like nature and exercise so they prefer to go on an expedition. They discover places which we would normally see only on television.
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