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Idols in my life
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Idols in my life

Everybody has idol. This may be a real or imagine person, dead or alive, man or woman. There are many reasons why somebody becomes someone’s idol: for doing great things, for having a power or maybe though for his figure. When I was younger my idol was one film star - Jenifer Garner. She played in the serial called Alias. This strong clever woman overcome all difficulties in her job (she was working as a secret agent), every time she knew what to do and nothing was impossible for her. I like Jenifer (or Sydney Bristol) because of her gaminess, inventiveness and creativity.

As time has passed my idol has changed. For some years it was my older sister who replaced Jenifer Garner. Anyway, the mainly idol for me has always been my mum. For many years I can not have found any mistakes on her; however, I knew she had some. Now I see them but still it is she who is my idol. I have never seen her doing bad things or having negative thoughts, she has never complained about her life. Well, she told us about bad things which happened in the world but it was because of warning us against bad people. My mum reaches everything I want: she has good, well – paid job, husband and healthy children, friends, home, strong belief.

When I have some problems she always helps me solve them, she helps weekly people, optimism and energy doesn’t miss her. Sometimes she is old-fashioned and her opinions are out of date but who in her age isn’t! I may tell she looks very well according her age. She tries to keep abreast of us children; however, sometimes it looks funny. There is one thing I don’t like about her – she likes stirring my dad who doesn’t like it.

All around the world there are many people I look up to. These people proved something grandiose though it did not have to be a big thing. I wish I will become good paragon for other, too.
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