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The Little Prince
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The little prince

This book is my favorite so I decided to write something about it. The little prince was written by Antoine de Saint-Exupery. Antoine wrote the book in 1943, however, it has still a big contribution in this time. The little prince is a book about one memory writer’s life. In a desert he met a young boy (he has not the name, so his name is only little prince), who flew to the Earth. He made friend with him. The little prince wanted to draw a sheep, so he drew him a sheep and a box for it.

Gradually the little prince told him about his planet and about his life. The first, he had lived,was his own planet. He had lived there with his volcanoes and flower (and, of course, with baobabs, which he removed, because they were dangerous for his planet). I don’t know why he left this planet. Maybe he was sad because he was alone or because his flower was very proud. But it is a fact, he loved the flower a lot. Before he came on the Earth, he had visited 6 another planets. On each planet, there lived a strange people for him. Those people were incomprehensible to him, because they did odd things “grown-ups really are very, very odd”. At least, he arrived on a desert. He met there a snake, a garden of roses and a fox, which told him what it means tame. He tamed this fox and went away to found some people. While he was walking he met a railway signalman, who sorted out the hurry travelers. Then he met a man, who sold pills, which quench people‘s thirst. The little prince didn’t understand what they are good for. Finally he met a teller of this story, Antoine de Saint-Exupery. But the little prince was sad, he wanted to go to his planet to be with his flower. So when a teller slept, he left into the desert. He had agreed with the snake, which will kill him, and when he met the snake, it killed the little prince.

The little prince is small boy, who was not from this world. He is charming person with blond hair, with a huge fantasy, responsibility and wisdom. He is very obstinacy, when he said some questions, he must get an answer. He loved his flower, because it was very weak and it needed his help. He is modest too, “I am very fond of sunsets. Let us go and watch a sunset”.
This book is devoted to adults, however, in my opinion, all age category find here something, what is important for their life. It includes lots of nice idea “What is essential is invisible to the eye”, ideas, which may change our look on life, it is story about being adult, getting knowledge and skills. Maybe, for someone it is boring and fantastic, but in all cases it is worth of reading and do own opinion.
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