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Season of the year
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Season of the year

Year has 12 months, 52 weeks and 365 days.

During a year exchanges four seasons. Spring, summer, autumn and winter. Spring is a beautiful season. Many people think it is the most beautiful season of all. Spring begins on 21st March. Nature, so the trees and forest animals awakes from its long winter sleep. All the landscape turns green and birds and scarabs start flying around and small animals are born. Nights get shorter and days get longer. There is more sunshine and it becomes warmer and warmer and snow melts. Soon in gardens the first flowers appear: snowdrops, violets, tulips. The weather in april is still changable , the temperatures are various during night and day. For example, in april it´s sunny day and suddenly the sky becomes overcast and icy winds begin blowing. It´s raining and a few minutes later, the cloudless sky is back. The beautiful rainbow may be created.

After spring comes summer. Summer is the warmest season of the year. June 21st is the date when it begins. The temperature is mostly high above zero. It is not very rainy, so it is dry and there are sunny days. The days are longer and nights shorter than in winter. In the morning it is often misty but the fog is falling during the day and sun is shining. Suddenly a storm often comes in summer. It is usually windy before a storm and it is so so hot. The sky is dark and it is thundering. Usually the rain is heavy but short. Most people like the summer time. They can go to the seaside to spend their holidays- after working during whole year they desire to lying on a hot beach sand, reading book after sunshade and swimming in crystal sea. Some of them like staying in a tent and others going to their weekend/houses. Children needn’t go to school, so they have a good time, meet with their friends and take some amazing trips. I think it ´s the most favourite season of the year of most people, especially kids.

Autumn is a season full of colours. It starts on the 23rd of September. The leaves get yellow, red and brown and fall down. The days are shorter and nights longer than in summer. the weather gets colder and it is usually cloudy and foggy. There are showers or heavy rains. It is often misty all day. In this period, children enjoy flying a kite.

The last season of the year, for me- the most magic period, is winter. It is the coldest season when the temperature is below zero and everybody is freezing. There is a lot of snow in the mountains. The trees are bare and the whole landscape is covered with snow. People like going to the mountains and skiing. Rivers are frozen over and children like skating on the ice. There are some days in winter when snow falls heavily all day. Children are happy, they can sledge or make a snowman. But the adults are often unhappy. It is slippery on the streets and it is dangerous to use a car. Furthemore they must still rake off the snow from the pavements. When the temperature is above zero in winter, the snow begins to thaw and then it becomes muddy.

Weather, so season of the year too, has big influence for peple´s mood. The autumn and winter are the worst period for people suffering from depressions. It´s caused by lack of sun during this time and misty and rainy weather has very unpleasant effect to this people. They feel unhappier and aloner. But time without sun affects to everybody sometimes. Oftentimes, we dont have mood to wake up and for choice, we would decide stay home for all day with hot tea, good book and warm blanket. Individual seasons of the year have effect to our physical health. While in spring we suffer from different hypersensitiveness, in winter we must fight against cold that comes surprisingly stop our normal life and completly.

In terms of travelling, for example on holidays, it´s problem in winter when it´s too slippery and snows heavily and you travel by car. In winter the transport is obviously limited and carcrashes aren´t uncommon every day. It´s necessary to use a snow chains and be careful, of course. It´s hold for this case that slowly- you arrive further. And for instance in summer, it´s disagreeable to travel by car without climate fot long hours. It´s exhaustive and also little dangerous.

As I said, from our four season of the year I prefer winter. It´s wonderful feeling when you wake up, look at the window and you see the snow falling. I love snow and cold winter sun, sledging, making snowmen and skating on ice- rink. I hate waking up and doubly I hate waking up to school, but my miserable mood suddenly changes when I see it´s snowing. I love robust coat and scarf, gloves and warm boots. But the best I love on winter is its christmas atmosphere. When we leave school before christmas holidays and go to the town, every shopwindow offers you christmas decoration with christmas tree and santa claus and christmas carols playing from everywhere. All people are happy and wish „merry christmas“ with warm smile each other. It´s a pity people are good to them only during Christmas. Certainly, I think, the world would be better when the christmas would be all the time, all season of the year.
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