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All of us know that food is something very important in our lives. It is one of the things we cannot live without. We need to eat every day to grow, to be healthy, to have enough energy and so on. Our life is too fast and hectic, we don’t have enough time and sometimes we forget to do one of the most crucial things – to eat regularly. In the morning we are in a hurry to the work(or school) and we don’t have any time for breakfast although breakfast is the most important meal of the day. We need it to get some energy and to start a new day. At work(or school) we usually don’t have enough time to have some normal meal, so we eat something small, usually something sweet and unhealthy. Most of us don’t have any lunch or when we have it, we buy a sandwich or something like that in buffet. And when we come home, we are hungry and eat everything what we find in fridge what is the worst we can do.

I know the health nutrition is very important to be fit and healthy, but oftentimes I can´t respect it because of lack of time. For example, when I wake up later, I must hurry to take a bus, so I don´t have time for eating. I come to school and the only thing I think is how many tests we have. And when I realise I am hungry, I find out I didn´t make a nosh and I can´t go to the shop to buy something, because we move to the second building. After school, what is about 3 o´clock, I buy something small to eat and I hurry up to the dancing school. About 7 o´clock I come back home and I have a warm lunch, but it is too late for it, when I don´t eat all day. However, I try to avoid these stress situations. It is easy during weekend when I can eat healthy and regularly. It means cereals with youghurt for breakfast, something like bananas, apple or bread roll before lunch, vegetable soup and the second lunch meal for lunch, pudding, bread or fruit to tea-time and something easy to digestion for dinner. I also try to keep my drinkable treatment during all day, because it is also very important for human body. I have never gone on diet because I have seen horrible results of it, directly in my family. So in my opinion, it is important to eat healthy, but it shouldn´t come it too strong.

Eating habits are different in different countries. It is influenced by things like our work, lifestyle, current economic situation and current feelings. In Slovakia, we aren´t oriented on food very much. For breakfast we have some simple and small food, for example yoghurts, cereals or bread roll with butter, ham and vegetable. We drink hot tea, fruit juice or coffe. Our lunch consist of two meal- soup and the main meal-it is something like chicken with rice, spagetti or some sweet food. For drinking we have mineral water or tea, sometimes the red wine. And for dinner, we eat bread, screenings, youghurts or light pasta. Many people also eat snacks between meals, especially chocolate bars, biscuits, crisps and some fruit, too. In our country, it isn´t usual to eat together in family, because of lack of time. Every member of family leave and come back home in different time, so it is impossible to do it together. But saturday and sunday lunch is mostly common family reunion.

Eating habits of british and american are different from us. The traditional English breakfast composes of fried bacon and eggs and it can also include fried bread, buttered toast, bread and butter and marmelade, fried tomatoes, sausages, baked beans and tea or coffe, american consist of fruit juice, eggs, some kind of meat and toasts. Lunch in Britain may be eaten at any time after midday. Working people are allowed about an hour off for lunch during lunch break, which is similar to lunch break for working people in Slovakia. While our people take meals mainly in dining rooms of their workplace, British eat in a restaurant or take a packed lunch from home. Many students and working people prefer a packed lunch of sandwiches and fruit.

American lunch is usually a quick meal. Many people in America have only a half- an hour break for lunch and they buy a sandwich near their place of work. But sunday lunch in Britain and America is special as soon as sunday lunch in Slovakia. In terms of dinner, British eat a cooked meal with meat or fisch and vegetable salad followed by a dessert. American diner often consist of dishes bought ready- prepare and heated in a microwave oven. American families also eat at different times and rarely sit down at the table together.

The most typical and still equal kinds of meal in our family is all christmas evening dinner. During all christmas day, we eat nothing, only opekance with poppy, to manage to eat all christmas dinner. About 7 o´clock p.m., we sit down at the table together. Firstly we start with garlic, apple and cornet with honey. Garlic for health to following year, cornet to good behavior and relationships intro- family and mum divide the apple to four parts and give one to everyone. It´s for family unity. Next, we touch the glasses with some sweet alcool. Then, we eat christmas soup called "kapustnica", which mainly consist of acid cabage, mushrooms and sausage. After it, we continue with eating the second meal- potatoes salad with cucumbers and fisch. After all christmas dinner, we go to the living room and under the christmas tree we are surprised of many presents which we got. And during unpacking them ,we eat christmas biscuits which we have baked before christmas.

I think I am quite good at cooking. First, I knew prepare only simple meals such as soup of pack, spaghetti or pancakes. Now I manage to cook halusky, some kind of meat and more difficult meals than before. I enjoy baking biscuits, especially christmas biscuits, but I need a recipe to do it. One of my favourite meal is a french potatoes, so I try to give you a recipe of it. So- for french potatoes, you need kilos of potatoes, glass of sleved cucumbers, one sausage, five eggs, sauce cream and sault and some kind of cheese. First, you take all of potatoes to the boiling water and cook them for 30 minutes and then, take them out of the water and peel and cut them to small pieces. Cover the layer of the potatoes to a dish, next cover the layer of the cut sausage and eggs to the potatoes to the dish. In addition, add cut cucumbers and sault it. Then, splash the meal by saucer cream and put cheese on the surface of the meal. Finally, bake it for about one hour and the french potatoes are ready. Good taste!

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