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Description of the Person
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The person I like and admire is my mother. My mom is 37 years old. Her name is Dáša. She work as nurse. She look very good to her age. She look very young. She is very short, slim and very gold. She has short hair and blue eyes. Usually she wears jeans and T-shirt. She like wear fashionably and from shiny colours.

She has a very nice personality and wonderful sense of humor. She is helpful, clever, lovely and very responsible. My mom isnt very sociable person, but she is friendly. She is also very active person. She is never bored and always has something to do. When she was younger she was always optimistic, but she is more realistic now. My mom is extremely generous, but not very tolerant with people of stupid opinions.

It is fun with her. We have nearly same hobby and sometimes same opinions. She like traveling, reading books, cooking and she likes baking. We often go shopping. She loves shops, mainly when she has money.

I admire my mom because, she is giving me all she can and has teached me how to live. I thank very much for all her love. I am very proud of her, I would like to be such a great person as she is. She understands my problems and i can rely upon her. She is never tired of listening to me.
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