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Shops and shopping
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Department stores are found in all big cities. They are big shops where you can find almost everything you want and which offer a wide choice of things. The most famous British department store, Harrods, started as a small grocery shop in 1849. The present store has more than 300 departments and a staff od over 4000 people. The display in the food hall is amazing. For example, there is a choice of over 500 types od cheese. Harrods is owned by the Egyptian, Mohammed Al Fayed.

Street markets are both fun and cheap. Most markets sell fruit and vegetables, clothes, things for the house, records and jewellery. In London, there are about 40 or 50 markets. Some specialise in flowers, pets or second - hand books.
Some towns are called market towns : a market is held there, usually once a week. People come from the surrounding villages to do their shopping [ Camden Lock Market is in London. Traditionally it was a second - hand clothes and antique - furniture market. ]

In the centre of most towns and villages there is a main street with lots of different shops. This street is usually called the High Street. The high streets of Britain are beginning to look more and more the same. This is because they are full of branches of big chain - stores.
One of the best - known chain -stores is Mark´s & Spencer, which sells clothes and food. The company has over 700 stores world - wide and has a reputation for good quality. If you buy something that you decide you don´t like, you can take it back and get your money back.
In most high streets there is a charity shop. All the profits from the things sold go to charity. Oxfam is the best - known chain of charity shops and it sells second - hand clothes and books.

Eighty - seven per cent of British people live less than a mile from their local corner shop. A corner shop is a small shop on, or near, a streer corner. Many are run by Indian or Pakistani families. Most corner shops sell food and newspapers. They are open until late in the evening, as well as on Sundays. OUT - OF - TOWN SHOPPING
Many small high street and corner shops are closing because people prefer to drive to a shopping complex outside town. There they can park their cars without any problems and do all their shopping in one place.
In a British shopping complex, you usually find a supermarket, a branch of most of the chain - stores, some smaller shops, a few cafés and sometimes a multi - screen cinema.
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