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Every day hundreds of people travel from one place to another. They travel to work or on business. People all around the world travel for various reasons: one of them is tourism – especially during holidays.

People want to see the most beautiful sights of world´s famous metropolis. Some people travel on business, for political, cultural or family reasons. Many people like travelling because it´s exciting, when they can see new places, meet new people and friends, eat something unusual and see the way of life in various continents. Besides they can get new experiences.

Travelling is also an interesting way of spending holidays. In every season of the year the airports, railway stations, seaports and bus stops are full of people travelling for long or short distances.

On the other hand, travelling has some disadvantages, too – it may be very dangerous: we can get lost, be murdered or our money may be stolen.

Young people like hitchhiking or just hiking. People prefer traveling by car, by train, by bus, by air, riding a motorbike, bike or horse. In London we can travel by a double-decker bus.

Some people love more romantic means of transport, travelling on the yacht, canoeing, gliding, hot-air balooning...

In the Europe it is very popular now to travel by residental cars in which you can have everything for your personal use.

The most common and the most wide-spread sort of travelling is going by car. If you have a car, you are absolutely independent. You don´t have to follow any timetable, you can travel by car when you need and when you want. You can have a rest everywhere, you will find motorways with car parks, modern petrol stations and restaurants.

If you are tired, you can sleep in a motels and continue your journey on the following day. It´s rather cheap, comfortable but sometimes we can have carsikness.

Some young drivers and unexperienced drivers are careless and dangerous because of thoughtless and high speed. These are disadvantages of travelling by car.

Buses and coaches (buses on long distances) are fast comfortable and the prices of tickets are quite reasonable.

For children, who are used to travelling by car, going somewhere by train is always an intersting and special experience. Train tickets are not very expensive and can be booked in advance. In our country, trains are used daily when people go to and from work or school. If you travel at night you can even sleep in a sleeper.

If you are hungry, you may have a meal in a dining-car. Railway stations are usually big, noisy and overcrowded places where you find several ticket offices, waiting rooms, telephone boxes, a left luggage office a restaurants, snackbars, toilets and of course a newsagent´s.

Travelling by plane is the fastest and the most expensive, too. If you want to fly, you have to book a seat on a plane long time before the day of your departure. During the flight the stewardes offers the passangers some meals, drinks, refreshments. Airports are large, busy and well-organized places.

In some countries travelling by boat is popular. It´s quite cheap, it but can be uncomfortable too, when the weather is bad. If you can travel for short distances, you may take a ferry, for long distances ocean liners are more convenient.

When we are travelling abroad we must get necessary documenats. First of all passport and a visa to foreign countries. Besides we must change money in a bank or at an exchange offices. We should know foreign language because it´s important for making ourselves understood.

Travelling is my hobby, too. I love travelling by car and by plane. It´s very comfortable but sometimes expensive. I don´t have even a driving licence, but I know that travelling by car in the town is quicklier sort of travelling. Because the buses are allways full and overcrov
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