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Scool and study
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What would I change at our school rules?

School uniform, I would like to have school uniform, to look same and no envy will be at school everyone can develop his character because of himself not because of dress.

The student don’t have duty to write the notices because when he will know it there is no problem, it is not necessary to have separated exercise book for each subject.

I would cancel the zeroth hour because it is physically and psychically difficult to wake up every day at 6 o’clock in the morning,
Students shouldn’t be at school longer than until 3 o’clock

We should have a break for lunch because it is impossible to think hungry…………

Students in the past and nowadays…..

In the past…… all students wanted to come to school to educate because not all could because most of them were poor, also the education looked another, they shouldn’t learn so much and also the were not so much information discovered… students were not so rude and lazy.

Nowadays, students think that they don’t need to learn because they will know everything and it is not important to learn because life will learn them and these things aren’t important for the life….and when there is someone who wants to know something he is mad because it is not necessary but is only mine opinion and I don’t think that if someone wants to know something he is fool.

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