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Scool and study
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Education in Slovakia and GB looks different. In Slovakia we have more degrees of education as in GB but I think that their system is better.

Everything begins in nursery school. But not all children have to go there, it depends on decision of parents. But the biggest advantage of nursery school is that children start to socialize with the other.
Education in Slovakia:

Pre – school education: voluntary, kindergarten, nursery school, creche

Primary education - two stages, first is from 1 – 4 grade, second from 5 – 9 grades, children have general education and 25 – 30 lessons per week, subjects – history, geography, language, math, physics, chemistry, arts, religion ( ethics), physical education, in the end they can or have to choose secondary school : gymnasium, vocational, technical schools ( agricultural, nursing, electro – technical, performing, fine arts, business and hotel academy), future professionals but general education

Secondary school other vocational, practical job, graduate – final examination, from theoretical and practical subjects, 30 – 32 lessons per week, in last two years have students the opportunity to have seminar, it means subjects with more hours a week, also elective subjects which they can choose from, also zeroth hour, it means that education begins sooner, not at 8 but at 7 o’clock in the morning

Gymnasium – prepares for the higher education, finish for matricular examination, 5 subjects, also written form not only from Slovak language but also from maths, and foreign languages, school leaving certificate

Post – secondary education – 3 years professional education, end with final exam, e.g. accounting, information processing, tourism, computer technology

Higher education – 4- 6 years, colleges and universities, entrance exams, you can study everything from law until arts, 3 years- bachelor’s degree, 5 years - master’s degree, end of school is first defend thesis which has student researches, pass the state examination (state board)

School building – school canteen, cloakrooms (lockers), staff room, administrative offices, some of them – assemblyhall (auditorium), all have notice board for students

College – a place of higher or specialized education, sometimes as part of university, the building itself

University - an institution of higher or tertiary education

How it looks like in GB

In the age of 16 they all have to pass GCSE examination from 5 – 8 subjects

Than they can continue or start to work

Who continues must in the age of 18 pass the A – level certificate from 3 subjects

Than he can go on the university or college

The year at university has 3 parts, Autumn term (September – Christmas), Spring term (January – Easter), Summer term (Easter – July)

School begins at 9 am. Hour break for lunch and the end of school is at 3:30 – 4:00 pm.

They all wear school uniform, which consists from shirt, blazer, trousers, and skirts everything is dark

Polytechnic schools - vocation, practical field

Staffroom – zborovňa

School caretaker – školník

School rules – školský poriadok

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