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Formal letter
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8 th JANUARY, 2008



I am writing to protest about the proposal for a new chemical factory in KOSICE. Local citizens have been against the idea from the start. Nevertheless, the firm Chemiska s.r.o is planning to build it next year.
Firstly, the firm says that the chemical factory create the new working places for a lot of people, because of the largeness of the factory.

However, it will cause water polution in nearby cure spoat and death-rate of water fauna. I can´t omit the health resort, which is there. Visiting of spa will be get worse. Other negative is menace of explosion.
Secondly, in spite of the fact that town council promises to residents the new playground for their children, they don´t agree with this idea because of the fact of pollution and childrens health. In other towns with chemical factory, number of asthma sufferers has been increased.

Thirdly, in fact of improvement of industry in town, money can be used for building of new paths and underground garages.
I look forward to hearing for you soon.

Yours sincerely

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