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Detached house

  • typical family with one or two storey
  • stay alone and no wall has common with other house
  • usually big
  • downstairs living room, kitchen, eating room
  • upstairs only bedrooms, bathrooms, workroom or children room, playroom

Semi – detached houses

  • two houses which are separated to each other
  • one wall in common
  • furnished similar to detached house
  • have separated garden
  • this type of house isn’t so popular among people

Terraced houses

  • houses built in one row, enjoy two walls with the others
  • very popular in GB mainly in London
  • also in Slovakia but only on the west side of country
  • small garden in front of the house but only with grass no plants
  • from the front door you can go straight to the pavement


  • is typical for many European countries such as Slovakia
  • large building full of smaller flats, usually 2,3,4- room flats
  • each flat is in belongings– condominium
  • or own by city – council house

Tenement – flats or also houses are rent to the inhabitants

Trailer - usually poor people who don’t have enough money to afford live in houses, they usually live on the suburb of the city


  • thatched roof
  • in Middle age but also nowadays on villages
  • old people with not modern way of life


  • house without storey, is on one level, no upstairs
  • for people who are not so fresh to come up to many rooms
  • living room, bedroom, kitchen, bathroom

Living in typical English house

  • live in terraced houses or detached houses but both of them look similar
  • theory – my home, my castle – it means when they own home you can do here everything because it is their, they are the lords of the house, very important to them feel like the lords and masters of everything
  • downstairs – kitchen, large hall, living room, eating corner, small bathroom
  • upstairs – playroom, workroom (detached), bedrooms, bathrooms
  • behind the house small garden with porch, flowers, yard
  • furniture is very modern or typical old
  • kitchen is modern with all necessary equipments like fridge freezer, dishwasher,.....
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