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School system in the United States of America
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These test are given to students couple times a school year and student can take them as many times he wants to ( in case he is not satisfied with his score ) These test ( SAT and ACT ) are applying test for studying at US college. They consist of English part, math part and some science questions. Perfect score is 1600 points, but the average is about 1200 points which is enough to be accepted by colleges. E.G. If I take SAT in my sophomore year and reach 1500 points, I will be accepted by a college, because the results of SAT and ACT are spread through all US colleges and universities and then colleges and universities themselves try to get students by sending letters and brochures about their college and it is up to student to choose from couple colleges ( sometimes might be up to 40 -50 ) Another way to get to a college is through sport. Because colleges have their own sport teams, they try to find best athletes from HS. FE Basketball. To the college basketball team are chosen the best players from HS basketball league. They don’t have to have good score on SAT, they are there to compete in that sport and if they are good, college sport career is the best start point for a professional sport career. ( NHL, NBA, NFL ) US HS works little bit different then ours. You can get to school either by riding your own car or by bus, which is sent right to your house from the school and is free. Lessons are usually finished by 3 p.m., which is little bit later then in Sovakia. During the day there’s a lunch, which is long enough for lunch and some relax time too. ( not like guess where) There’s a media centre in each HS, which is basically HUGE library, bunch of computers connected to Internet and America on-line, many computers used as word processors or just playing machines, and a storage of magazines so students can read in the library not only about Hitler, Quasimodo, but about bikes, fashion, computers, and whatever they’re interested in. There’s a doctor place in the school too, so when student feels bad, he can see the doctor right in the school and doesn’t have to go through whole town and waste school time. The school consists of many buildings, sport areas ( football, soccer, baseball, tennis, swimming pool, gyms, gunfiring place...) and huge parking lots. Each morning and afternoon there’s a traffic chaos as 1000 students try to ride their cars in parking lots in the last minute. HS provides FREE driving education that lasts about two weeks and student gets driving license when he’s 16. He can get a learner’s permit at age of 15, which allows him to drive but there has to be somebody with driving license in the car with him.
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