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School system in the United States of America
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School system in US looks and works basically the same in all US states, but it’s possible to find some variations. All schools are divided into elementary schools ( grade 1 to 4 ), middle schools ( grade 5 to 8 ), high schools ( grade 9 to 12 - 9th graders are called freshmen, 10th graders are called sophomores, 11th graders - juniors , 12th graders - seniors) and there are Colleges or Universities. Something we know as kindergarten is known in US as pre-school class, but that is optional. Children start to attend elementary schools when they are 6, but if parents wish that their kid starts at 7, it’s no problem. Kids at elementary schools in first two years are not graded at all, the grades on their report card consist of comments whether the kid is / is not making progress, is / is not active, gives the best, is bored. Sports play very important role in this school and all of American schools too. Elementary school gives students just a little freedom, they can choose some optional subjects, but there are only a few. After finishing elementary school there is no such a drill to get to the high school. High school is a general name for everything we know as Gymnázium, OA, SOU, . ,because all of these can be studied just by choosing the right subjects. There’s no such a strict way of telling -now you have to study this and this and next year you’ll do the rest of the subjects. Student can make his own study plan choosing usually eight subjects a year, but after four years of high school he has to have done 21 subjects of which 4 must be English, math, 2 must be foreign language, PE, American history, one world history, biology, and the rest must be 3 science ( he can do either 3 years of physics or just one year physics, one year chemistry, biology or something else from science ), 2 of vocational stuff. If he has 21 on more finished, it’s OK, but if he doesn’t have 21 subjects finished after fourth year of high school, he doesn’t get to graduate and has to stay one more year in HS. ( but all of this fits best Asheville High School in North Carolina, there may be different rules in Miami West High School and different in East Hollywood High and different in Texas area ) During stay in HS, student who wants to go to a college has to take tests SAT and some colleges require ACT too.
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