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Leisure time activities
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There are many ways to spend our leisure time. Somebody prefers going to the cinema or to the theatre, someone likes shopping, other people go to see a football match and somebody stays at home and watch TV or reads or just relax.

In Prague there are many possibilities of cultural life. We have here many cinemas which shows movies all the year round and the films have either long run or they change every day or every two days. If there is a quite good film which is supposed to have a great success it is better to book the tickets in advance because the performance could be sold out. But this situation is not now so usual because the admission is rather high and most of the films are shows also on TV. I myself like good comedies with good actors like Jack Nicholson - my favourite movie with him is The Witches of Eastwick. I like also Robin Williams or Jim Carry.

I never go to see a film based on a story after I have read the story because I am usually disappointed by the film. I don t mind if the films are subtitled but I think comedies are better when they are dubbed.

In Prague there are also many theatres, the most known is the National Theatre, here are mainly played the operas by Czech national composers. Other important theatres are the Tyl Theatre, the Smetana Theatre, the Vinohrady Theatre. When we go to the theatre we should be dressed up. We buy usually our tickets in advance and we can buy a ticket to the stalls, to the pit, to the boxes, to the dress circle or to the upper circle and to the gods. Upper circle and the gods are cheaper than boxes and stalls.

Young people prefer going to the music clubs or they go to disco. I don t like disco music so I prefer going to the club. My favourite rock club is Club X and I go there as often as possible. The concerts take place in the clubs or if it is some very famous group and it is supposed to have a big attedance the concert takes place at Strahov stadium or in th Sport Hall in Holesovice.

If I do not feel like going anywhere I stay at home and relax. I read some book or listen to the radio or watch TV. I must say that do not watch TV very often because I do not like very much the programme of the TV. I don t like the afternoons soap operas. I watch music programmes and most of all I watch my favourite music channel MTV. From time to time I watch some movie on HBO channel and I like also Cartoon Network which is the channel where all day long the cartoons are showed.

My biggest leisure time activity at home is listening good music - I like classic rock like Rolling Stones, Aerosmith, The Doors but I like also new music projects like The Fugees and britpop which roots are in the Beatles music. Beatles inspired the groups like Oasis, Pulp, Blur, Suede and so on. these groups belong to my favourite.
My favourite radio station is Evropa 2, because people there are crazy and very funny.

I read very much. My favourite writer is Stephen King. I ve read many of his books. He is an excellent writer of thrillers - like Misery, The Shining, The Needful Things, Carrie and his famous novel It. Among my favourite author belong also John Grisham, he is an American writer and his novel are almost from law sphere. I like also classic crime novels by Agatha Christie or John le Carre and Graham Greene.
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